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is a young woman with a huge fetish for smoking. A heavy smoker in real life, she loves teasing guys & girls with her smoke and sharing photos and videos of her exploits. Chloe will smoke any type of cigar or cigarette, and she always inhales! Sometimes she's the glamorous lady with a long slim cigarette, other times she's the naughty chainsmoking slut with her mouth full of smoke and cum!
sexy smoking teens

Sexy Smoking Teens is the place to be for teen smoking fetish videos & pictures. We work with 18 & 19 year old girls who love smoking and enjoy being watched as they indulge their habit. Some of our girls have been smoking for years, others have only just picked up the habit, so there is a nice variety of smoking skill and addiction.
smoking videos uk
Smoking Videos UK
covers the wilder side of fetish smoking. With explicit photos & videos from heavy smoking topless teens who masturbate for you while they smoke, housewives who suck cock & cigarettes at the same time, mistresses who instruct you to masturbate as they smoke, and much more!
smoking femme fatale

Smoking Femme Fatale
is the exclusive home for UK glamour model Michelle Monroe's smoking fetish photos & videos, created by MsInhale! Michelle is a very heavy smoker who loves showing off her smoking skills. Her site has been updating since 2008 and contains a huge amount of content, including hours of behind the scenes footage. Michelle loves to fill her lungs with cigar and cigarette smoke, and she loves being watched.
cigar glamour

Cigar Glamour
 gives you beautifully produced photo sets and videos of glamourous women smoking cigars. Focusing on the glamourous cigar smoking aspect of the smoking fetish, inside you will find beautiful blondes, brunettes and redheads smoking many different sizes of cigar. The Cigar Glamour ladies love their cigars, and they love it when you watch!
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VS120 Bj In Leather Jacket
April 17th 2014

Victoria - Double Corona
March 24th 2014

VS120 in Fur
March 21st 2014

Menthol in Leather
March 17th 2014

Victoria - VS120
March 14th 2014

Blonde & Pink
March 10th 2014

The Smoking Assistant
March 7th 2014

Chloe Benson - Menthol 100
March 3rd 2014

Black Corset
February 28th 2014

Emma G - Fur Coat 120
February 26th 2014

Penelope - Lace Dress Menthol
February 24th 2014

Layla - PVC Cork 100
February 21st 2014

Ripped Dress & Thigh Boots
February 19th 2014

Chloe Benson - More 120 Pt. 2
February 17th 2014

Chloe Benson - Cigar Teen
February 12th 2014

Layla - More 120 Cigarette
February 10th 2014

The Little Black Dress
February 7th 2014

Penelope - Menthol 100
February 5th 2014

Penelope - Cigar & Fur
January 31st 2014

Emma G - Cork 100
January 27th 2014

Pink Trilby
January 27th 2014

Chloe Benson - More 120 Pt. 1
January 24th 2014

Emma G - Cigar & Ballgown
January 20th 2014

Elle - Sassy Smoker
January 17th 2014

Chloe Benson - Cork Filter 100
January 15th 2014

Smoking Topless
January 11th 2014

Kate - Cigar & Polkadots
January 8th 2014

Kate - Cork Cigarette in Khaki
January 6th 2014

Skull Print Dress
January 3rd 2014

Hollie - Bad Girl Smoker
January 1st 2014

Britannia - Menthol 100
December 30th 2013

Lucy - Slim Cigar
December 27th 2013

Kate - Cork Cigarette & Fishnet
December 25th 2013

PVC & a Black Russian
December 23rd 2013

Aleatha - Menthol 100
December 20th 2013

Gloves and a More
December 18th 2013

Porscha's Long Cigar
December 16th 2013

Amanda - Smoke and Stockings
December 13th 2013

Prince In The Bathroom
December 11th 2013

Leanne - Superkings
December 9th 2013

Taylor - Mayfair 100 HD
Deep inhaling teen Taylor smokes a cork filter Mayfair superking cigarette in this full HD video.
Added April 16th 2014

Smoky BJ with a VS120
Smoking a VS120 in a leather jacket and giving one of my famous smoky blowjobs, in heavy eye make up and nude glossy lips.
Added April 12th 2014

Smoking Lesson - Part 2
Part 2 of your punishment, I'm going to make you smoke for me until you like it!
Added April 9th 2014

Smoking Lesson - Part 1
As you have been such a terrible ashtray slave, you need to come into my office and find out your punishment. I smoke 2 cigarettes at once while I tell you just what I'm going to do with you!
Added April 5th 2014

Delta - Uniform HD
Pretty 18 year old Delta smokes a menthol cigarette while wearing her old school uniform in this remastered full HD video.
Added April 2nd 2014

Delta - Marlboro HD
Shy 18 year old Delta smokes a cork filter Marlboro cigarette in this full HD video.
Added March 29th 2014

Beki Smokes a Cigar HD
In this newly remastered video, now available in full 1080p HD, 18 year old Beki shows off her love of cigars. Looking very cute in her pigtails, Beki shows us how sexy a young woman can be with a cigar, even sneaking a few naughty inhales along the way. This is 9 minutes of pure sexy cigar pleasure for Beki and for you!
Added March 26th 2014

Sherii - Rothman 120 HD
Cute blonde smoker Sherii smokes a very sexy slim 120mm cork filter Rothman cigarette in this newly remastered video, presented in full 1080p HD for the first time ever. Check out how long she lets her ash get before flicking it - cute!
Added March 22nd 2014

Beki - Two at Once HD
Beki may be only 18 years old, but she's a dedicated smoker, as you'll see in this fantastic display. She smokes two Berkeley menthol 100mm cigarettes at the same time, taking drags from each alternately and also both together, finishing both in a little under 4 minutes. This video is presented in full 1080p HD for the first time.
Added March 19th 2014

Sherii - Menthol Cigarette HD
Pretty, blonde, 18 years old, and a smoker - could Sherii be any more perfect for this site? Enjoy an up close & personal view of this pretty smoking princess as she smokes an all white menthol 100mm cigarette on her bed. Presented in full 1080p HD for the first time.
Added March 15th 2014

Beki - Cork 100 HD
Pretty 18 year old Beki smokes a very strong Superking 100mm cigarette in under 2 and a half minutes in this completely remastered video, presented in full 1080p HD for the first time.
Added March 12th 2014

Chloe Benson - Cigar
Eighteen year old Chloe smokes her first ever cigar for us in this full HD video. A little unsure about how to smoke such a large cigar, Chloe puffs away like a champ and even tries inhaling, which she enjoys. Chloe's intense puffing covers the cigar in her red lipstick, and after a few minutes she really relaxes into it, lifting her top & slipping her boobs out of her bra, stroking them as she enjoys her cigar.
Added March 8th 2014

Penelope - Menthol & Lace
Penelope is back for one last cigarette with you - wearing a very tight & revealing pink lace dress with a black bra & stockings, she lights up a menthol 100 and smokes for you. She knows that watching her smoke turns you on, and she teases you, inviting you to move closer so she can exhale in your face, and she clearly doesn't mind if you decide to masturbate while she enjoys her cigarette.
Added March 5th 2014

Chloe Benson - Cute Menthol Smoker
Sweet 18 year old Chloe is wearing her glasses and a cute pink tank top in this HD video. She smokes a menthol 100 cigarette and lifts up her top to reveal that she isn't wearing a bra, giving us a great view of her gorgeous breasts as she finishes her cigarette.
Added February 26th 2014

Chloe Benson - More 120 Masturbation
Cute blonde British 18 year old Chloe Benson smokes a long slim More 120 cigarette in this full HD video. Slipping her breasts out of her top, Chloe opens her legs and moves her cotton panties to the side so she can masturbate with a thick dildo, continuously smoking her cigarette as she pleasures herself.
Added February 22nd 2014

Penelope - Cigar & Fur
Penelope wears a fur coat and a lacy bra as she shares a cigar with you in this HD video. She talks about her cigar smoking habits, and even throws in a few naughty inhales, blowing her smoke in your face.
Added February 18th 2014

Chloe Benson - Cigarette Tease
Naughty British 18 year old Chloe Benson smokes a long cork filter cigarette while you watch her, teasing you as she inhales & exhales. With lovely matching red lips & fingernails, Chloe smokes while unbuttoning her top & letting you see her boobs, and even gives you a peep of her cute cotton panties.
Added February 14th 2014

Penelope - Menthol 100
Penelope is a pretty English girl who is also quite a heavy smoker. In this video she smokes a menthol 100 cigarette while talking extensively about her habit. She wears thick red lipstick which makes a nice print on the white filter of her cigarette.
Added February 10th 2014

Nat - Chloe's Fetish
This video is from another site that never saw the light of day. The idea was for MsInhale to book models for quite tame shoots and then talk them into being dirty little smoking sluts while the camera was running. Nat, a non-smoker, was actually quite keen to light up a More 120 cigarette and fuck herself with a steel dildo while wearing the crotchless PVC bodysuit that Chloe picked out for her!
Added February 6th 2014

Morgan's Lipstick & Smoke HD
Morgan's final remastered video, presented in full 1080p HD for the first time, has her smoking a VS120 cigarette while applying her lipstick. It's not long before Morgan's bare lips are all red & glossy, and she smokes throughout the process, performing her trademark open mouth inhales & slow seductive exhales.
Added February 4th 2014

Sharday - Two At Once HD
On our opinion, one of the best performers on - naughty 18 year old Sharday only ever did one shoot with us, but there are rumours of her making a triumphant return at some point! In this amazing video, she slips her moist shiny lips around two long 100mm cigarettes at the same time, one while filter menthol, and one cork filter. She inhales all the smoke deeply and teases with her sexy smoky voice as she audibly exhales right into your face. This video has been completely remastered in full 1080p HD. Just perfect.
Added February 2nd 2014

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